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Tailor-made Sleep

COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini is proud to offer a bespoke service to its esteemed guests: Tailor-made Sleep.

Tailor-made Sleep is a personalized service, available to all our guests upon request, thanks to which they can enjoy comfortable and relaxing sleep on beds designed to be customized upon their needs.

When booking your stay with COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini follow a simple process to let us know how to arrange for you to sleep on the ideal bed.

All rooms are equipped with COCO-MAT’s natural sleep systems and bedding. Each product is a combination of multiple layers of natural materials. Harder layers, such as coconut fiber, horsehair or cactus fiber, provide bodyweight support, while the more elastic layers of natural rubber follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve. Thanks to COCO-MAT’s signature sleep combinations, our staff can adapt your bed sur-mesure to make your stay truly memorable.


Tailormade Sleep

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The COCO-MAT Pillowsophy

Select from the exclusive COCO-MAT pillow collection the one that will enhance your sleeping experience. Sweet dreams!


Filling material: duck down and feather 
Dimensions: 50x70cm, 65X65cm, 80x80cm
Body type: medium builds 

A standard duck down and feather pillow with all the innovative COCO-MAT properties that make it even more special such as the densely woven cover that prevents feathers from sticking through, MORFEAS offers the ideal smoothness and comfort for medium builds. This pillow is available in a variety of sizes, for the perfect sleep just the way you like it! 



Filling material: natural fiber flakes
Dimensions: 50x70cm
Body type: all body builds

Designed to provide optimal support to the head and neck of those preferring to sleep primarily on their side, the natural latex NARKISSOS I pillow by COCO-MAT features a middle seam that helps maintain not only the pillow’s shape but also its place beneath your head. 



Filling material: natural fiber flakes, duck down & feathers
Dimensions: 50x70cm 
Body type: all body builds

Regardless of the sleeping position of your choice, the NARKISSOS II pillow by COCO-MAT never loses its shape and guarantees a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience. Its innovative design, featuring six linear pockets filled with duck down and feathers form a comfortable home for your head, whereas the dense weave of the pillow’s cover prevents feathers form slipping out. 



Filling material: natural rubber flakes
Dimensions: 50x70cm
Body type: all body builds

COCO-MAT’s signature pillow, the SITHON I introduces a new, comfortable way to sleep! Divided into individual compartments filled with natural rubber flakes, this pillow never loses its shape and supports your head and neck ideally throughout the night, regardless of body type or preferred sleeping positions.