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COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini
Stay in Santorini, stay COCO-MAT!

COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini

Stay in the caldera, stay COCO-MAT

Imagine a dreamy sanctuary nestled in the gorgeous landscapes of Santorini, a place where luxury hospitality, privacy and tranguility blends seamlessly with the minimal beauty of the Cycladic nature. Towering above the shimmering Aegean Sea, COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini is a haven of contemporary comfort that fuses lavish comfort with an eco-friendly, sustainable living concept that invites you to a holiday experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Welcome to a world of summery repose, where style and beauty coexist in harmony with the surrounding nature, where natural materials create a heavenly destination, and where the COCO-MAT brand is a guarantee of superb, tailormade accommodation that transcends the norms and promises a restful, absolutely pampering stay. Welcome to COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini, the most exquisite accommodation proposal on the caldera.

Explore COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini
Enjoy the best of living in Santorini

The Coco-Mat Hospitality Experience Begins Here

Let’s make your experience absolutely customized to your needs!
The Best of COCO-MAT Living! Discover how to enjoy the COCO-MAT hospitality concept through our unique suggestions!


In COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini we pay great respect to the volcanic beauty and the needs of the island of Santorini, thus we follow a range of eco-friendly and sustainable policies.


Breakfast is an experience inspired by the local culinary heritage at COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini and an experience that will make you feel wonderful. 


Enjoy a delightful experience in the restaurant of COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini, inspired by the local culinary traditions and products served with a creative twist.


Feel even more relaxed and regulated as you indulge in the wellness proposals of COCO-MAT Hotel Santorini. There’s no better way to become one with Santorini’s nature.

COCO-MAT Bicycle

Explore Santorini on a COCO-MAT bicycle and discover the volcanic landscapes, the beautiful corners and the hidden gems of an island like no other.